Monday, 25 June 2018

Dermal Fillers act as non surgical option for a Complete Rejuvenation of Skin

The dermal fillers act as the non-surgical option for a complete rejuvenation of the skin adding a volume to it and works as a boost of hydration too. With the growing age, we start losing volume in certain areas of our face which makes our skin look dull and sunken. This is actually caused due to the decreased capability of the body to produce a good amount of the collagen as well as elastin.

Our clinician devices tailored made dermal filler program and its result is going to last for up to a period of 6 to 24 months.

The filler treatment works as one of the best option to fill the deficiency of this naturally occurring substance and to restore the fullness as well as the volume in numerous areas of the face. So the dermal fillers can be utilized to re- volumenize many of the facial regions. The skin rejuvenation therapy is highly effective when it is being utilized in combination with the anti-wrinkle injections which helps in the prevention of the wrinkles, volume loss and also reduce the visible signs of ageing. Most commonly these are utilized for plumping up the lips and raising the cheekbones too.

The results of this therapy vary considerably depending upon the consistency of product and site of injection.

Although it is versatile procedure which can also be used for the correction of fine lines, smoothening of the deep ceases, restoring the volume and even reshaping your chin and jawline too. Another benefit of availing this filler treatment is that instant results can be achieved with in just 30 minutes and you will look in the best possible version of yourself. The clinicians working at our dermatology clinic assess the individualized skin needs of the patients and device tailored made dermal filler program and its result is going to last for up to a period of 6 to 24 months. The results of this therapy vary considerably depending upon the consistency of product and the site of injection. It is crucial that the dermal filler procedure is undetectable as well as artistic.

You can observe positive results immediately and these fillers are dissolvable too for imparting maximum level of safety.

Our dermatology experts are fully trained in the field of cosmetic injection and carefully develop a bespoke process for the enhancement of the best features of the patients. The good thing about it is that they also comprises of the anaesthetics to impart maximum comfort to the patients. You can observe the positive results immediately and these fillers are dissolvable too for imparting maximum level of safety. These Fillers Treatment in Delhi can be applied in a fast and easy manner and can be administered through the utilization of tiny injections with an instant visibility of the results. Through the administration of this non-invasive treatment, you can restore the elasticity and natural hydration of the skin. Once the treatment is done you can return to your normal routine as there is no downtime which is associated with it.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Best Dermatologist in Delhi, India

Our clinic provides leading and credible skin care treatments.
Whether you are looking for the cosmetic injectibles or you just want an amazing skin care, our dermatology clinic covers it all. The goal of our clinic is to provide the most effective skin care treatment that works well. This is the reason we offer our clients the latest as well as the most advanced aesthetic procedures and the products. Apart from that, the highest priority of the Dermatologist in Delhi is just you. We want all our clients to look and feel extremely fantastic about themselves by extending the leading and credible skin care treatments and the highest priority is always the interest of the clients. Our dermatology clinic is highly recognized as the most sophisticated authority in the field of the cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. 

All our clinicians are board certified and have immense experience in conducting aesthetic treatments.
The skin care treatments are extended to the patients in a highly professional and also the service-oriented environment. All our clinicians are board certified and have immense experience in conducting the aesthetic treatments in a highly successful manner. The most effective skin care solutions are offered to the patients of all ages and our team of dermatologists has an extremely vast experience in the field. 

The minimally invasive laser and other types of skin care solutions are conducted in an extremely warm and professional atmosphere.
The latest, as well as the safest procedures, are implemented to provide the amazingly great looking skin.A young and beautiful looking skin is surely a boost in the self-confidence and it also inculcates a sense of the well being of the patients. We provide the utmost care to all our patients and each and every treatment plan is selected after taking into consideration the age, skin type as well as the sensitivity of the patient. Both the aesthetic treatment as well as the treatment for various types of skin disorders is provided by the Dermatologist in Delhi. The minimally invasive laser and other types of skin care solutions are conducted in an extremely warm and professional atmosphere. 

The dermatological procedures that we perform are actually life changing and boost the confidence of patients.
Our team is dedicated to delivering the extremely safe, clinically proven and most effective skin treatments which yield exactly the same result that you are looking for. The safest of the practices are followed by our team. Everything is actually done by keeping in mind the unique needs as well as the comfort of the patients. The dermatological procedures that we perform are actually life changing and boost the confidence of the patients too. The world-class dermatology care is delivered at the most reasonable rates. The state of the art infrastructure and the modern technology that we utilize enable our team to deliver the best in class medical treatment to the patients. Call at our clinic to know more about our skin care solutions that can bring your dull skin back to life.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

We offer Nothing less than the best in class Thermage Skin Tightening Procedure

Everyone dislikes the loose skin which actually keeps on hanging from your body and imparts a very discomfort kind of the feeling. The field of dermatology has taken another big step in imparting you the best-looking skin ever. The Thermage skin tightening procedure is actually one of the safest ways to treat the loose skin on the face, drooping eyelids and also the folds around your nose and also the neck.

Thermage skin tightening process is a clinically proven and non-invasive way of tightening and contouring the skin.

 Our dermatology clinic takes pride in having an expert skin care team which offers nothing less than the best in class thermage skin tightening process which helps in achieving a young and beautiful skin in no time.Thermage skin tightening process is a clinically proven and non-invasive way of tightening and contouring the skin and also combating the loss of elasticity which is generally caused by ageing, weight loss, childbirth etc.

Thermage technique utilizes radiofrequency energy for smoothening and tightening of the skin

The thermage utilizes the radiofrequency energy for smoothening and tightening of the skin. It is a non-invasive treatment in which the applicator actually targets the energy for the stimulation of the production of collagen under the skin’s surface. This technique has been advanced over a period of time through the introduction of the Thermage CPT which produces better results in comparison to the earlier version of thermage.

This type of skin care treatment doesn’t involve downtime and its results vary from subtle to the noticeable change

Another benefit of the thermage skin tightening in Delhi is that it doesn’t involve downtime and its results vary from subtle to the noticeable changes. The result of the procedure actually depends upon the extent to which the skin tightening is needed.Thermage procedure focuses the radiofrequency waves into the specific areas in order to initiate the collagen renewal procedure of the body.

These days a large number of young patients are utilizing it as a means to maintain the quality of their skin

By heating the deeper layers of your skin, it causes the contraction of collagen fibres and instantly improves the appearance of the sagging or the loose skin making it look firmer, smoother and younger. The Thermage Skin Tightening in Delhi delivers natural looking results with either the little or the no downtime. Since there is no surgery which is involved, the patients can return to their routine lives immediately after the process. The cost for the procedure depends upon the number of tips which are needed for the area and also the time which is required for the completion of the area. Many of the clients have already prolonged their requirement of the facelift with the thermage and these days a large number of the young patients are utilizing it as a means to maintain the quality of their skin.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Benefits of Botox Treatment in Delhi

What is Botox Treatment?

Botox is the medical treatment that is used to treat some muscular conditions that also cosmetically remove wrinkles. It is processed through neurotoxin, which is known as botulinum toxin and is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.
  • People suffering from the following should avoid treatment.
  • Breathing disorder or asthma patient.
  • Heart problems or diseases.
  • Lambert-Eaton syndrome.
  • Lower facial muscle strength or weak muscles.

What About The Procedure?
The treatment is processed by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injections used in the Botox Treatment are injected with sterile instruments. Based on the extent of the treatment, the procedure may take last up to 20 minutes.

Selecting a correct injection point is sometimes critical to achieving a successful treatment. Therefore the doctors will take care of selecting injection points based on the location that needs to be treated. At Botox, a filler is injected after which the treatment is processed.

Side effects
There are very rare cases of having side effects while undergoing thetreatment. And few of them can be considered as,
  • Feeling difficulty while breathing, talking or swallowing.
  • Losing bladder control.
  • Severe muscle weakness.
  • A sensation of burning or pain during urination.
  • Chest tightness or a sore throat.
  • Swelling of eyelids and vision impaired.
  • Excessive sweat.
  • Drooping of the upper eyelid muscles

  • Treat a Drooping Brow: Even though there are many biological reasons for drooping eyebrows the Botox Treatment is one of the best ways to fix it.
  • Reduce excess sweat: The condition in which a person always sweats is known as Hyperhidrosis. Therefore the treatment will help in minimizing the sweat from the body, thereby balancing a neutral stage.
  • Treatment for Bells Palsy: The treatment can help in reducing, relaxing the muscles, thereby providing relaxation for facial muscles.
  • Helps in reducing migraine pain: The amazing benefit of this treatment is that it gradually reduces migraine pain and also reduces symptoms like sensitivity to light and nausea.

Medical and cosmetic uses
Botulinum toxin is predominantly used in order to treat and reduce appearance wrinkles and fine lines all over the face. Apart from that, it also used to treat more than 20 medical conditions like,
  • Migraine pain
  • Excess sweat
  • Eye squints
  • Leaky bladders
  • Few of the therapeutic applications:
  • Blepharospasm
  • Hemifacial spasm
  • Canthal lines
  • Strabismus
The cost is according to the patent which particularly depends upon that type of area that needs to be treated. In fact, multiple areas can be treated at once and the treatment needs to be processed alternatively for about 2 to 3 months. When considering the treatment or any other injections then the patients need to pay for what they want. However, the cost of the treatment may vary and is never a fixed price that depends on the necessity.

Choose sculpt to get the best treatment at the best prices. Here, experience doctors are available to offer you outstanding service. 

Monday, 25 September 2017

How to Choose the Best Dermatologist in Delhi?

Dermatology has always been a very prominent branch of medical science. Several factors including increased environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyle have made a lot of people highly vulnerable to a number of skin problems. If you want to get rid of your skin problems, you need to identify the best dermatologist in Delhi. The capital city of India is home to a lot of dermatologists and finding an accomplished dermatologist has become a demanding task these days.

The attributes that make a doctor the best dermatologist:
If you want to choose a reliable dermatologist, you must know the attributes that make a professional the best dermatologist. What are the main characteristics of a dependable dermatology practitioner? Proper qualification and experience are the most important qualities and good reputation is also a very vital aspect that separates best dermatologists from substandard ones.

How to choose a competent dermatologist in Delhi? You have to consider several aspects and they include:

1) Online research
2) Gathering information from reliable sources
3) Preparing a list of reputed dermatologists
4) Performing a comparative study
5) Assessing the qualifications
6) Analyzing the experience
7) Taking the final decision

If you follow this method of approach, you can choose the best dermatologist without complicating things.

Performing online research:
When it comes to identifying a competent dermatologist, internet is an excellent resource. Reliable professionals have strong online presence and performing an extensive online search helps you take the best decision. There are a lot of online classifieds available and visiting the websites of different clinics and dermatologists assist you in collecting relevant information.

Gathering information from reliable sources:
Although it may sound cliché, collecting information from reliable sources like friends, family members and acquaintances is definitely a good option. They can suggest a good dermatologist based on their personal experiences and you can also collect the contact information of the dermatologist from these types of sources.

Preparing a list of reputed dermatologists:
After having collected details both online and offline, you have to prepare a list a pool of dermatologists according to your research.

Performing a detailed comparative study:
When you do a comparative study on the list you created, you can shortlist a few who go well with your needs. You must be clear about your needs.

Assess the qualification of the doctor:
Qualification of the doctor is a vital aspect. You can come across a lot of fake people and assessing the qualification is an absolute must. Properly qualified and certified board dermatologists always have a strong grip on skin issues and their solutions.

Analyze the experience of the dermatologist:
Nothing can substitute experience. Experienced professionals know how to handle the unique needs of every patient and they recommend the best solutions to address the problem.  

When you go through all these above mentioned steps, you can easily pick the best dermatologist in Delhi. Dr Hema Pant ( helps you take an informed decision and getting rid of your skin problem becomes a hassle free process as well. 

Laser Hair Removal: Permanent Solution for Hair removal

The laser hair removal treatment is safe for all skin types and also for all skin colors:
The excessive or unwanted body hair is a common type of problem which is faced by everyone. We have been struggling for years with some of the short-term solutions like the waxing or shaving but the result of these procedures never last for that long. What if you could get rid of the unwanted body hair once and for all? This is actually possible with the help of the wide range of the advanced hair removal techniques. 

It is a permanent solution for removing the unwanted body hair:
You can look forward to a clear, smooth skin with the achievement of hair reduction up to the extent of 90%.The laser hair removal treatment is safe for all skin types and also for all skin colors. The laser-based aesthetic process works as a permanent solution for the unwanted body hair. The damaged hair is actually shed within two weeks of the treatment. The laser hair removal in Delhi employs the industry leading hair removal specialists and utilizes only the medical grade lasers for the optimum results. Earlier this technology was expensive but now it has become much more affordable. This is actually good for all those people who want to feel their smooth, silky skin and stay confident all the time. 

The practitioners are fully experienced and they are capable of treating most of the areas of face and body 
The people who are suffering from certain kind of the medical conditions like the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS) or hirsutism are also prone to the ingrown hairs. The total number of sessions, as well as the cost of the laser hair removal in Delhi, depends on the area to be treated. Before the actual implementation of the procedure, your therapist will evaluate and advise you on the most suitable treatment plan. During the treatment, a laser beam will be passed on the targeted area to be treated and it kills the unwanted hair reducing their further growth.

Laser hair removal treatment is extended in a friendly and caring work environment
The medical grade lasers that are utilized at the hair removal clinic are highly effective in targeting the root hair and also provide protection to the surrounding skin area. The practitioners are fully experienced and they are capable of treating most of the areas of your face and body. You can be rest assured and stay confident that the laser hair removal will be done in a friendly and caring work environment.

Avail our special discount offers on the laser hair removal packages 
The most specialized and proven hair removal technique is perfectly safe. Its result is same for everyone which is the achievement of the great looking skin that gives higher self-esteem and boosts confidence. Contact us and talk to our expert laser hair removal therapists and you can also avail our special discount offers on the laser hair removal packages.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Fed up of experiencing pigmentation issues? Read on for a solution!

Want to attain a fairer complexion that can add to your beauty? Opt for laser pigmentation treatment.

Are you hunting around for the superlative facial pigmentation treatment in Delhi? Are you worn-out of the futile whitening creams that impair your skin rather than eliminating dark spots? If your answers are yes, then, read on to learn about the effective treatment options that will help eliminate the hideous discoloration and make your skin look immaculate and gorgeous. The insufficiency of effective whitening creams have made loads of individuals lose faith in relevant facial pigmentation treatments; individuals now believe that the only way to successfully get rid of these blemishes is via laser treatment or microdermabrasion. This is because these pigmentation treatments are quite safe and much effective. Finding a pigmentation treatment to suit you and to eliminate discoloration and other imperfections securely does not have to be challenging.

Endeavoring for gorgeous skin is a relentless battle. Over the time, several factors can affect how the skin looks and feels. Luckily, there are new techniques that can help you get the complexion you desire. Whether you are struggling with pigmentation concerns, wrinkles or just want a young-looking radiance, a q-switched laser treatment in Delhi can be the solution you have been anticipating for. Pigmentation is a result of melanin which is the chemical in the body that causes blackening of the skin. The body creates melanin in reaction to exposure to ultra-violet radiation to offer a natural protection from over-exposure. Skin pigmentation complaints transpire in all of us; these include stained marks or brown spots as well as pigmented blotches of skin. If you ask maximum individuals what they would most like to improve about their skin, the reply will typically encompass making the skin tone more uniform, clearing the complexion of defects and flaws. The idyllic look for naturally healthy skin is a clear, beaming, uniform skin tone. When the skin is away from stains, it gives a natural healthy sparkle. In the laser treatment, the eyes are covered with safety glasses and a thin layer of gel is applied to the treatment region. The laser is sited on your skin and you will be aware of a sequence of perky flashes as the laser is moved over the treatment region.

Maximum patients experience a primary blackening of the pigmented regions instantaneously after the treatment. This reaction is a validation that the pigment was efficaciously targeted by the laser. Over the next day or two, the pigmented regions develop a dappled brown look that will steadily vanish over the following week or two. You should note that if the underlying cause of the problem continues, like repeated excessive sun exposure, then the pigmentation can resurface over time. Every patient is consequently given a post-treatment plan to lessen the chance of the pigmentation recurring.

Do you want to get rid of drooping skin, eliminate wrinkles, age spots and de-age your skin? Opt for the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi at by visiting SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic.